Synthetic GreenScapes Artificial Turf Review

Review Summary
4.1/5 Our Score
• Excellent customer service
• Environmentally friendly
• Economic pricing
• Good quality
• Limited selection
• Monthly to bi-annual maintenance required
• Long installation process

Despite the humble profile, GreenScapes provides world-class innovation and turf solutions and the products that do come out of this company are up to the highest of industry standards and provide practical and aesthetic solutions for a fraction of the price of other brands.

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Aesthetic Quality3.5
Texture and Density3.5
Draining Capacity4
Heat Resistance4.5


Synthetic GreenScapes is a premium quality synthetic grass company based in Dallas Fort Worth. GreenScapes is a  family-owned, private business with an eye for detail and excellent customer service; the company uses the industry’s most innovative technology to provide artificial turf solutions across a wide range of applications, including landscape; putting greens; patio & pool; playground & recreation; pet turf; and sports turf.

GreenScapes is a distinguishable, independent company, that prides itself on the quality of its service and family atmosphere. Despite the quiet modesty, GreenScape uses the most modern installation practices and industry-leading products. Not only are family-friendly, they are family-safe and family-approved.

GreenScapes is a HomeAdvisor approved company whose sole business lies in providing residential and small commercial lawns. The company has made a name for itself by focusing on quality and practical promotion of the family-oriented type.

In addition to their top-selling synthetic landscape grass for residential lawns, they provide a wide range of turf applications, including artificial pet turf; putting greens; pool & patio grass; recreation & playground turf; and sports solutions.

Ratings Breakdown

Despite the humble profile, GreenScapes provides world-class innovation and turf solutions. All GreenScape products are manufactured with UV-protected turf fibers designed to counteract extreme heating. A GreenScape lawn is also warranted for a 20 year lawn life.

Aesthetic Quality – 3.5/5

GreenScape offers a wide variety of options of synthetic grass applications although its selection within category are quite limited compared to other providers. That being said, the company specializes in artificial turf for residential applications, which means that it provides some of the most gorgeous grass available today.

While GreenScapes has spent many years innovating its synthetic turf to provide practical solutions for families (especially in its concern for heating), it still manages to produce very aesthetically pleasing turf- something you’d love to see out your kitchen window, but also allow your children to play on carelessly.

GreenScapes turf is available in eight different options, with slight variety between category. Their landscape turf is the most successful and widely distributed product and while the the variety could certainly be more customized, the thousands of lawns sprawled across Fort Worth are not complaining.

Texture and Density – 3.5/5

GreenScapes provides very limited selection between its synthetic turf lines and the majority of their products are multi-functional. This means that there is little to no selection between texture and density between turf categories. That being said, there are certain benefits.

All GreenScape products are manufactured with UV-enhanced blades which are then designed for a realistic look and feel. Since the bulk of the company’s business comes from their line of residential lawns, the turf is made for interaction.

Highly interactive turf means that special attention was given to the texture and density of each patch of GreenScape synthetic turf. So not only is this grass safe to interact with, it’s also made to be interacted with. While there is not much variety between grass height, pile, and density, GreenScapes lawns are made with realistic looking and feeling blades.

Draining Capacity – 4/5

GreenScape’s synthetic turf has a high draining capacity, the better to serve residential lawn use by families with active children and pets. Designed with a highly drainable rubber backing system, the turf can withstand anything from child play, pet use, and even heavy rain.

Heat Resistance – 4.5/5

GreenScapes distinguishes itself from other companies precisely because of its turf heating solutions. Not only is each GreenScape-produced turf fiber coated in a UV-treatment solution, but clients also have the choice of subscribing to a bi-annual treatment solution specific to the heat patterns of different regions.

Value – 5/5

GreenScape is a small family company with a very specific and local target. Their community-oriented business style coupled with a small, but loyal clientele list make GreenScape turf a very valuable product. Each GreenScape product is produced from the most advanced technology on the market; is made to be consumer-safe and interactive; and is very affordable compared to other brands. Customers get what they pay for and in this case, they end up getting a little more.

Final Verdict

GreenScapes Synthetic turf has its fair share of issues, especially concerning choice. The company produces a very limited selection of turf applications an even smaller (or nonexistent) variety within those applications. That being said, the products that do come out of this company are up to the highest of industry standards and provide practical and aesthetic solutions for a fraction of the price of other brands.

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