EverGreen TuffTurf Artificial Turf Review

Review Summary
5.0/5 Our Score
• Huge selection of brands
• Endless application options
• Premium quality throughout
• Life-long warranty guaranteed
• Expensive
• Long installation process
• Maintenance fees
EverGreen TuffTurf receives a perfect rating because the company truly provides the best quality products and takes all the obstacles out of the picture.
Aesthetic Quality5
Texture and Density5
Draining Capacity5
Heat Resistance5


EverGreen TuffTurf is a line of synthetic grass designed for residential and commercial use. An authorized reseller for ForeverLawn, EverGreen TuffTurf provides a wide range of quality synthetic grass solutions from renown artificial grass lines such as K9Grass, SportsGrass, GolfGreens, and Playground Grass.

With its access to premium turf lines, EverGreen provides some of the most varied options for artificial grass applications and serves as the ideal landscaping resource for every need.

EverGreen’s partnership with ForeverLawn gives clients access to K9Grass, a synthetic turf specifically designed for dog use; Playground Grass, turf with the highest safety rating on the market and used widely for playgrounds; SportsGrass, artificial grass designed for sport applications; and GolfGreens, a commercial synthetic grass line serving golf courses all across North America.

Combined, EverGreen offers four different lines of premium artificial turf, all specializing in a different turf application. With dozens of different pile heights, color shades and combinations, texture and density options, obtaining a fantastic lawn is not only achievable, but a breeze.

All EverGreen products are also produced with COOL GRASS technology, an innovative solution to the number one concern related to synthetic grass.

Ratings Breakdown 

EverGreen TuffTurf is an excellent resource for all things artificial grass. The company not only provides access to industry leading synthetic turf products, but is also committed to producing environmentally-friendly products that also meet the highest safety standards available.

Additionally, customer service, both in person and online, is outstanding. The company’s website provides thorough guidance in choosing the perfect grass for your application and categorizes brands and turf types by seasonal and regional needs. It is truly a no-fuss experience.

EverGreen TuffTurf also happens to be the largest instant lawn supplier in North America.

Aesthetic Quality – 5/5

EverGreen TuffTurf offers a huge variety of turf brands, each a top-industry synthetic turf manufacturer. Residential lawns alone come in dozens of styles, all designed with different blade texture, color, and density.

The most aesthetic turf grass is used for residential applications, although pet-friendly lawns can also be unbelievably gorgeous. Sports turf, playground turf, and golf green turfs are more functional than beautiful and while EverGreen carries the industry’s finest selections, these tend to be trimmer and more carpet-like than the lawn varieties.

Texture and Density – 5/5

Texture and density will vary between application types. EverGreen provides access to the industry’s top-ranking synthetic turf products, so every square inch of grass acquired through the company is guaranteed premium quality.

Residential lawn turf is generally more diverse in texture and density and can reach unbelievably realistic results. A gradation coloring system, coupled with dual-blade sewing makes each thatch of EverGreen synthetic turf look realistic and beautiful. Clients can customize their grass selection from grass leaf color scheme down to fullness, infill type, and density. Results have been known to produce better-than-the-real-thing results.

Draining Capacity – 5/5

EverGreen only supplies the best in the industry and the best in the industry makes synthetic turf with a high drainage capacity not exclusive to pet turf applications. A high draining turf can drain at a rate of 30 inches per hour and each EverGreen selection meets that standard. To further improve draining needs, clients can choose their turf by region and precipitation trends.

K9Grass, also available through EverGreen is one of the top-selling pet turfs on the market. Not only is it designed to tackle heavy flow, but it also stays dry, meaning that it takes draining to a whole new level.

Heat Resistance – 5/5

All EverGreen products are produced using the most innovated cooling technology available today, COOL GRASS.

Turf heating is one of (if not the) largest issues facing synthetic grass manufacturers today. Since artificial grass is essentially made out of plastic, it tends to heat quickly under direct sunlight and raise the temperature of its immediate surroundings. Sport grass is especially susceptible to heating issues and EverGreen’s quality meets the Soccer World Cup’s standards- that’s saying something!

COOL GRASS is a protective coating used on all EverGreen products that uses an infrared reflective substance that reduces heat buildup from the surface of each blade of grass. This makes EverGreen products the most heat-resistant on the market today.

Value – 5/5

Cost differs per brand and per product, but generally speaking, EverGreen only sells top-industry products. This means that each product supplied through EverGreen meets industry standards of safety and quality as well as being warranted for long-term life. Add to that comprehensive guidance, excellence in customer service, and guaranteed satisfaction with each purchase, and the value speaks for itself.

Final Verdict

EverGreen TuffTurf receives a perfect rating because the company truly provides the best quality products and takes all the obstacles out of the picture. Additionally, EverGreen really takes its environmental standards seriously and upholds its products to those standards- this means better service to you and better service to the community.

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