Best Artificial Grass Rugs

When you are stuck inside all day, wouldn’t it be nice to bring the outside in? Large windows can certainly help to make you feel like you are outside when you’re behind closed doors, but there’s an even better way that you can really make it feel like you are in the great outdoors. How? – With an artificial grass rug.

Faux grass, also known as artificial or synthetic turf, has really evolved in recent years. It started out as an excellent alternative to real grass, thanks to its low maintenance and visual appeal, and was mainly used in outdoor settings for lawns and other landscaping needs. Today, however, the uses for artificial grass have really grown, and it is now being used in a variety of ways, and it isn’t just limited to outdoor use; it is commonly used indoors, too.

Synthetic grass rugs have become an extremely popular interior design element. Like traditional rugs, fake grass rugs are sold by the square foot, allowing homeowners and business owners to use this type of floor covering in any space, section or corner of a home or office. These rugs can also be cut to in different sizes to meet specific square footage requirements.

Uses for Artificial Grass Rugs

Synthetic grass rugs can be used in a variety of applications. These rugs are also available in several piles, from long (think shag carpeting) to short (similar to Berber carpeting.) Here’s a look at some creative ways that fake grass rugs are used as decorative elements.

Children’s Play Areas

A faux grass rug is an excellent addition to a children’s play area. It mimics the outdoors, allowing kids to feel like they are playing outside, even on cold or rainy days when they can’t go out. It’s also super soft and provides great cushioning under foot. Should a child trip or fall, an artificial grass rug can help to protect from any injuries that could be sustained on another type of flooring, such as rug burn. When used in a child’s play area, a fake grass rug allows kids to really explore and let their imaginations soar.

Office Settings

Faux grass rugs are a great way to add some life to a dull, drab office setting. A plush, green grass rug is much more inviting than a tile floor or commercial carpeting, which, in turn, can help to lift the spirits of employees and increase productivity. Along with an artificial grass rug, other outdoor elements can be added to an office setting, such as fake trees, landscape murals and real, oversized potted plants. Imagine how much quicker your work days would go and how much happier you would be working in a setting that made you feel like you were outside?

Living Spaces

An artificial grass rug adds an unexpected touch of fun and sophistication to a living space. A plush green rug will easily give your living room, den, family room, great room, four seasons room or any other living space a cozy, one-of-a-kind look. It will also feel great underneath your feet and serve as a wonderful surface for extra seating.


A faux grass rug is a great poolside addition, too. It adds extra safety to the flooring, as it will absorb any water that splashes up and prevents a slippery surface. It also feels much better underneath the feet than concrete, wood or an industrial rug. Plus, it will just look great next to your pool. A rug made of artificial turf will instantly turn your backyard into an oasis.

Factors to Consider

Before you buy a fake grass rug, there are some factors that you should take into consideration. Doing so will ensure you get the best rug to meet your specific needs.

  • Consider the space. Where are you planning on using the synthetic grass rug? If you’re using it outside, for example, you want to look for a rug that mimics the look of natural grass. If it’s going to be used indoors, you might want to consider a rug that has a deeper pile, similar to a shag rug, as it will feel better under bare feet.
  • The backing. If you want your artificial grass rug to last longer and feel more like a traditional rug, look for one that features a backing. It will make the rug more pliable and add extra cushioning, which will make it more comfortable and improve its safety.

Best Synthetic Grass Rugs

When it comes to artificial grass rugs, there are plenty of options to choose from. With that said, here’s a look at some of the best faux grass rugs that are currently on the market.

#1 Greenline Jade 50 Artificial Grass Carpet

If you’re looking for a fake grass rug to use outdoors, the Greenline Jade 50 is an excellent choice. Made to mimic the look and feel of real grass, it features a mixture of dark green fibers, as well as a brown thatch. It also features a durable polyurethane backing, which is designed to resist expansion and contraction, so it adjusts to different temperatures. It also drains at a rate of 28 inches an hour, so you don’t have to worry about any pooling water. Available in a variety of sizes, resistant to heat and frost, UV stabilized and lead-free, the Greenline Jade 50 Artificial Grass Rug will make an excellent addition to any outdoor space.

#2 nuLoom Artificial Grass Area Rug

You can easily bring a touch of the outdoors in, or add some vibrant green to an outdoor space with the nuLoom Artificial Grass Area Rug. The blades are made of 100 percent polypropylene, which are as durable as they are soft. This synthetic grass rug is easy to maintain; just spot clean it with a mixture of mild detergent and water, and spills or dirt will wipe away. The nuLoom Artificial Grass Area Rug will look great anywhere you use it, from a kid’s play space to an outdoor dining area.