Best Artificial Grass at Home Depot

Home Depot has a variety of Artificial Grass available and the choice can be paralyzing. Don’t worry, we have a buyer’s guide below along with our recommendations. Keep reading to find out more.

Factors to Evaluate When Buying an Artificial Lawn


Some of the factors that you must consider when you plan on selecting an artificial lawn are:

Pile Height

Everyone loves the look and feel of real grass because of the height of the grass which gives it its lush look. This is the reason why artificial grasses with a longer pile height are more popular. You should look for grass that has a pile height of around 30 mm to 37 mm. You should not opt for a height higher than this, as it will result in the grass looking very flat as the longer the blade of the grass is, the heavier the blade is and gravity will pull it down causing it to look very flat instead of looking lush.


The second most important factor when choosing artificial grass is the density and the weight of the grass per square meter.  A good quality artificial grass will be around 3 kg/m2.


Artificial grass is available in a variety of colors and hues. In order to achieve a natural look and feel, you must choose the right shade of green and to make it more natural-looking, you must add a brown fleck or a “brown root zone” or a brown “thatch”. This will make it look like real grass. If you choose a grass that is too green or uniformly green, then it will look artificial and not give you the natural look that you’re trying to achieve. Also, the grass is available in many varieties of green hues ranging from bright green to olive green to emerald green and many colors in between. So, you can make your choice depending on your personal preference.


Many artificial grass companies send you free samples of their range of artificial grass. You can shortlist a few on the basis of the samples and ask the company to show you larger samples of these during the site visit. Lay the samples in the area where you are planning to install your lawn and see how they look at different times of the day and you are sure to have a favorite once you have observed the samples for a couple of days.


Best Artificial Grasses Available at Home Depot


#1 GREENLINE Sapphire 50 Fescue Artificial Grass

The GREENLINE Sapphire 50 Fescue is a beautiful and durable artificial grass and the 3-dimensional blades are very aesthetic.  It does not require any watering, mowing or spraying and is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. It is safe for kids and pets and is well-suited for areas that have moderate traffic. It is great for places that have a hot and dry climate, helps you save water, is suitable for cold climates and provides a mud-free play area in cold and wet areas.

Features of the GREENLINE Sapphire 50

  • Manufactured using cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Manufactured to replicate real grass with 1.5” blade height
  • Resistant to frost and heat
  • Unique formulated polyurethane coated
  • UV stabilized
  • Environment-friendly, non-flammable, anti-acid yarn, chemical-resistant
  • Available in 15 feet wide rolls, orders above 100 feet shipped as multiple pieces


#2 Vantage – Color Ivy Green Artificial Grass

This is ideal for porches, decks, walkways and other areas. The Beaulieu Vantage Ivy Green Artificial Grass 12 ft. Carpet is made of durable fiber that is easy to maintain and is also economical. The Vantage Ivy Green is well-suited for all outdoor applications and is ideal for use in residential applications.

Features of the Beaulieu Vantage Ivy Green

  • 100% high UV BCF Olefin artificial grass carpet that is machine made
  • Manufactured with continuous fibers that minimize shedding and is stain resistant
  • Comes with a 4-year warranty
  • UV treated that protect the grass carpet from fading when used outdoors on the patio or porch
  • Can be vacuum or spot cleaned
  • Sold in increments of 1 feet in length
  • Simple installation with glue-down application on backing


#3 Pet/Sport 60 Artificial Synthetic Lawn Turf Grass Carpet

The Pet/Sport 60 artificial lawn is best suited for pet and sports areas and is made of specialized grass fiber that has superior durability and resilience. Pet/Sport 60 is gentle on the paws of your pets, is easy to clean and the premium yarn gives it an excellent durability that lasts for years on sports fields. The backing material is manufactured with heavy-duty polyurethane and is resistant to expansion or contraction caused by weather conditions and it also drains very quickly.

The Pet/Sport 60 is ideal for high traffic areas and is pet safe. It is excellent for hot and dry as well as cold and wet climates. Pet/Sport 60 is manufactured using state-of-the-art and cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

Features of Pet/Sport 60

  • Shorted pile height ideal for active and heavy traffic of pets and sports
  • Durable and easy to clean, gentle on the paws of your pets
  • Texture and appearance of real grass
  • Manufactured from soft, non-absorbent and non-abrasive fiber
  • Made of performance fiber for enhanced resilience
  • Heat and frost resistant and UV stabilized
  • Polyurethane coated backing for greater durability and seam strength
  • Perforated for greater and increased drainage
  • Does not contain lead or any other harmful metals


#4 Centipede Southwest Synthetic Lawn Grass Turf

This designer turf has blades that are two-toned – beige-green and lawn-green that enhances its natural appearance and gives it a paler look. The StarProTurf Centipede Synthetic Lawn Grass is synthetic artificial grass that looks like the real thing. It combines the durability of the old turf and comprises a thatch-kinked monofilament layer that holds the 1- 11/2- inch tall grass blades, giving it a completely natural look and feel.

The Centipede grass turf is UV-stabilized and does not require trimming, watering or mowing. The polypropylene coated backing makes it resilient and long-lasting. You can add infill of around ½-1 inch of tire or sand particulate, which will add softness, blade support and also extend the life of the turf.

Features of Centipede Southwest Synthetic

  • Two color blades that gives it a natural look
  • UV-stabilization that protects the color from fading
  • Coating of black polypropylene that stops weeds, provides strength and makes the turf long-lasting
  • Drains at 50-inches per hour
  • Kinked polypropylene monofilament that forms a dense thatch layer in order to support the blades of grass and helps to keep them erect


#5 Garden Grass Collection Artificial Grass Runner

The Garden Grass Collection will give you the feeling of natural grass. It requires no watering, is low maintenance, does not stain, does not require weather guard and has a long lifespan. The Garden Grass Collection will turn your outdoor space into an area where you can entertain your guests or you can use it as a recreational space for your kids and pets or turn it into your own personal garden sanctuary.

Features of Garden Grass

  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Well-suited for indoor and outdoor like in offices, patios, game rooms, poolside areas, etc.
  • 8 feet (W) x 4.11 feet (L) and 0.8 inches (D)
  • Natural vibrant color and UV stabilized to keep the color from fading
  • Backing is latex coated that prevents slippage, adds strength and extra life
  • Can be used in large areas
  • Does not absorb any odors from chlorine or pet waste
  • Provides a clean and safe environment
  • Perforated to provide better water drainage
  • Can be rolled out easily and installed in a few minutes

There are many different varieties and types of artificial grass lawns available. However, to choose the best artificial lawn for your home or office, the best idea is to visit the store and get a touch and feel of the grass and compare the various color shades of grass available before you decide on the one that you like best and the one that is best suited for your requirements.