Installing Living Plants into Artificial Grass

We all dream of having a meticulous green lawn with vibrantly colored flowers. However, generally, this requires upkeep and time that many of us don’t have. The amount of time, effort, and money that goes into natural lawn care is not only discouraging but tiresome. A lawn that requires low maintenance with no need to mow, water, or treat for pests sounds like a dream come true! This is made possible with artificial grass.

Manufactured lawns have become very common because with fake grass caring for your lawn care is made easy. You may be asking yourself, “Can I plant living plants in artificial grass?” The short answer is yes. While this is an option, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind before you decide to hire a planting service or doing it yourself.

Adding Color and Life to your Lawn

 Do you find that after installing synthetic grass your yard continues to look bland? There are several things that can be done to add color to the scenery, one of them being installing living plants.

Consumers may decide to install living plants at the time their fake grass is being put into place. Others, don’t think about the idea of real flowers or shrubs until after their artificial grass is set. The best time to incorporate living plants is at the time of installation of the turf so that installers can design your lawn in a way that will give plants or trees proper irrigation and nutrients.

With either scenario, the right artificial turf installer can bring color and life to your lawn. Artificial grass can be planted around existing trees and plants or they can cut holes into the already installed turf to plant the flowers.

Choosing the Right Installer

It is vital that plants receive proper irrigation and nutrients to support their root systems.

If in doubt, ask your installer what plants they recommend and consider doing a bit of research on your own. To find a qualified installer, look for the following things:

  • Experience – this is the most important quality to look for prior to hiring someone. We all want a service with years of practice as opposed to a newly founded one.
  • Knowledge – ask installers questions before hiring them. You’ll be able to tell if they are confident in their craft or if they are simply trying to make some money. Professional turf installers should have a wide knowledge of plants, trees, and grass (real or fake).
  • Reviews – does the installer have 5-star ratings from consumers or do they have poor reviews? Many times, word of mouth recommendation is usually the best and most honest.

With the right artificial grass installer, cultivating an aesthetic lawn design doesn’t have to be a difficult process! One of the most important parts of building the landscape of your yard is selecting a qualified installer or else you could face drainage problems that deprive plants to reach the nutrient rich soil.

Choosing the Right Plants

 You want to be certain you select plants, shrubs, or flowers that require low maintenance because chances are if you have artificial turf, you won’t have much time to keep up with real, living varieties. Drought tolerant plants are perfect options to bring waves of color to a synthetic lawn while keeping it simple to upkeep. Your professional installer will be able to give you suggestions on which plants to choose if you’re unsure.

Choosing varieties of plants that require little water or pruning is what you want to look for. It’s important to keep in mind that plants such as bamboo spread by sending out rhizomes which can bring problems to artificial grass

Extra Features

 Compliment your flawless green lawn with extra amenities to brighten up your outdoor living space. Adding trees and shrubs will also fill your yard with variety. Along with the right plants and flowers, add some of the following elements to add even more spice to your yard:

  • Stones or pebbles
  • Mulch
  • A fountain or small pond


 There is something very comforting about mown grass – or not having to mow grass at all! Artificial turfs make this possible by giving your outdoor landscape a classy look. Installing living plants into this fake grass is also made possible with the help of a professional installer. Not only does synthetic grass give your yard a stunning and natural look, but it can also save you a large amount of time, effort, and money!