Kloud City Artificial Grass Review

Review Summary
4.0/5 Our Score
• Economy pricing
• Very accessible
(sold in warehouses)
• Portable
• Easy to clean
• Great training tool
• Very restricted application
• Poor draining capacity
• Small size
Kloud City Green Outdoor artificial pet turf is a versatile synthetic grass mat that can be used for multiple applications- as long as they are small, portable, and indoors.

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Aesthetic Quality3.5
Texture and Density4.5
Draining Capacity4
Heat Resistance4


Kloud City Green Outdoor Artificial Grass is an economy brand of synthetic grass sold at warehouse stores for high-traffic areas, specifically, for pet use. This is one of the few artificial grass brands that sticks to one application- small, portable, pet turf.

Kloud City artificial grass is very limited in terms of application, but works ideally for pet-training and small, indoor turf projects.

Kloud City is marketed for pets because it is is only available in small, mat-like thatches of high-draining turf. It is ideal for puppies because it makes for a great and practical training resource as well as owners who cannot let their dogs out multiple times a day. The portability and draining capacity of Kloud City pet turf also makes it a very convenient tool for small spaces.

As opposed to similar small-scale turf products (which are sold in small rolls), Kloud City is sold in packs of one or more “turf mats”. Most owners buy a few different mats to alternate neatly between clean and used turf (much like one would use a training pad).

The turf itself is quite thin and not very realistic-looking, so don’t expect to be blown away by the realism of this artificial grass. Its strengths lie elsewhere. Kloud City, can, however, provide a practical solution to busy pet-owners, a cheap training tool for young puppies, or a great asset to a bare deck.

Ratings Breakdown

Kloud City’s Green Outdoor Artificial Grass is a very specific product, but if you are in need of a small, portable mat of grass-like thatch, it is a great asset. These mats are sold in single or multiple packs, it is not a roll of synthetic turf that can be cut to fit an area. The mats can be laid alongside each other to create a bigger surface, but this is not their primary function and the grass will not appear uniform.

Something else to consider: Kloud City’s artificial grass pet mats are multi-functional. While they are marketed as pet potty-training pads, they can also be used to catch litter if placed in front of a litter box, as a shower mat, or even as a relaxing mat under your desk.

Aesthetic Quality – 3.5/5

Kloud City’s pet mats are more functional than aesthetic. While they do appear realistic enough to prompt your pet to use them, the mats are designed as a pet-training tool.

They work great for potty training and can be a great asset to busy owners who cannot take their dog out multiple times a day (they are also great for extreme weather conditions that make walking the dog inconvenient). What these mats are not is an ornamental asset to your patio, garden, or lawn.

Texture and Density – 4.5/5

Kloud City pet mats are dense enough to allow your pet to bury and have quite a realistic texture. If it can be called so, one of the most common complaints about this turf is that dogs prefer to use it as a bed rather than a waste pad.

Despite the realistic texture, the mats are still thin enough (about one inch, compared to the standard two) to dry within an hour of washing.

Draining Capacity – 4/5

Here’s where this product is a bit counterintuitive. The mats are marketed as an indoor potty-training tool, but they are designed for outdoor use. This means that if you place the mat indoors, you’ll have to use a urine pad underneath as the product does not come with a catch-tray or an absorption pad. On the plus side, the mats can be cleaned very easily and unlike turf installed outside, keeping them odor-free is just a matter of washing regularly with mild soap and water. They dry extremely fast, so washing overnight is a convenient practice.

Heat Resistance – 4/5

Since this turf is made to be used indoors, it generally keeps cool for the simple fact that it’s rarely placed under direct sunlight. Most synthetic turf (regardless of brand) heats quickly and the infill contributes a lot to heating. Pet mats like this do not need to be installed with infill and again, because they are placed inside, heating is not an issue.

If you do happen to place your mat on a patio with direct sunlight exposure, simply shading the mat will protect it from overheating and burning your pet’s paws. Chances are, if you dog refuses to step on it, it’s hot.

Value – 4/5

This product delivers what it advertises and can last decades if taken care of properly. That being said, there have been complaints about the size being too small. This turf mat is 23″x18″ and designed to be used by puppies. Keep that in mind when purchasing. Size aside, the longevity, quality, and utility of the product make it a cost-effective investment.

Final Verdict

Kloud City Green Outdoor artificial pet turf is a versatile synthetic grass mat that can be used for multiple applications- as long as they are small, portable, and indoors. The product can be very valuable for pet owners with restricted or inhibited access to a potty safe area or owners with busy schedules. This turf’s quality comes from its utility.

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