PreGra Artificial Turf Review

Review Summary
4.5/5 Our Score
• Very accessible
• Excellent customer service
• Economic choices
• Good aesthetic quality for price
• High drainage capacity
• Heats quickly
• Long installation process
PreGra is an all-American, highly interactive company with an excellent customer service record and quality product. Highly affordable and impressive, PreGra is an optimal option in synthetic turf.

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Aesthetic Quality4.5
Texture and Density4.5
Draining Capacity5
Heat Resistance3.5


PreGra is an all-American company and true to its roots, all its products are 100% made in Chatsworth, Georgia. PreGra was one of the first artificial turf companies to provide online services and the company’s growth came slowly and in response to direct customer needs.

PreGra is unique in that it offers clients the opportunity to become members, which gives them access to resources including bulk orders, and installation supplies. PreGra also offers a variety of synthetic grass applications, including residential and commercial landscape; K9s & Pets; recreation; and putting greens.

PreGra developed slow innovations through customer feedback and as such, it is a company highly influenced by the organic input of its clients. PreGra is also a very interactive company and their customer service is excellent- as is their installation and delivery crew.

Despite PreGra’s ability to build a personal relationship with its clients, the company  still manages to invest time and effort into developing the quality of its brand. PreGra synthetic grass guarantees a 10 year turf life that withstands all types of weather wear.

As an additional convenience to its clients, PreGra synthetic turf is available for purchase at Costco Wholesale stores, both online and in-store. It is also worth mentioning that PreGra is the only synthetic grass available for sale at Costco because of its quality and price per value.

Ratings Breakdown

PreGra is a practical, accessible, and quality product. It also doesn’t hurt that the entire experience- from asking for a quote, to installing the grass in your back yard- is painless and very friendly.

All of PreGra’s artificial blades are made nylon-free, from 100% polyethylene fiber. Available pre-cut and in various options of quality grades (although all of PreGra’s options are premium), the company also makes some of the best value synthetic grass on the market today.

Aesthetic Quality – 4.5/5

PreGra synthetic turf is made with the company’s signature Multi-Blade System Series, a process that provides the most realistic color finish for lawn and landscape applications. Since PreGra is primarily a family-oriented business, its most successful lines are residential and pet-friendly lawn turf.

Buying your lawn from the same place you stock up on toilet paper and bulk quinoa might conjure images of the old neon-bright AstroTurf of the old days, however PreGra products are far more developed, not to mention gorgeously realistic.

With the company’s signature Multi-Blade System Series, each blade of grass is colored using a dual-blade system whereby each blade is doubled and then set for contrast, to provide the most realistic coloring system.

Texture and Density – 4.5/5

PreGra manufactures six different categories of artificial turf (residential lawns; commercial landscape; K9s & Pets; recreation; putting greens; and municipal parks) with each category containing its own variation in texture, density, thickness, pile height, etc. for different applications.

Depending on the application, texture and density will vary, however given that PreGra’s specialty are residential and commercial lawns, a lot of attention has been given to the development of long-lasting, natural-feeling lawns.

PreGra synthetic turf is designed to look and feel like real grass; although most of the options available for purchase through Costco are pre cut, you can find a softer cut through the company or order for delivery.

PreGra offers six different types of residential lawn options alone, each ideal for a different application and available in different texture and density options. The company has a long history of providing beautiful, luscious lawns for families all across North America. 

Draining Capacity – 5/5

PreGra products are made to be all-weather resistant, which means that it can withstand even the rainiest rainy season. Manufactured with 100% polyethylene fibers, each thatch is completely porous and drains vertically.

The company’s pet grass is designed to drain even faster, with a slightly lighter density to prevent blockage and aid in waste removal.

Heat Resistance – 3.5/5

PreGra does have one downfall: it is one of the hotter artificial grasses on the market, but honestly, the list of “cool” turfs is far shorter. Synthetic grass heats up, and PreGra has been criticized for its heat retention. That being said, while PreGra is notoriously hot, there are a couple of things you can do to decrease heating under direct sunlight.

Installing your grass in a shaded area is the best way to prevent heating, as synthetic grass is affected by direct sunlight. Another option is to avoid rubber crumb infill; this would be like doubling up on plastic, which catalyzes heating. Instead, use an organic filler to minimize heating.

While turf heating is one of PreGra’s downfalls, don’t be so quick to eliminate it as an option; the great majority of synthetic turf manufacturers haven’t been able to solve this issue.

Value – 5/5

As far as the quality, price and accessibility of PreGra synthetic grass goes, you simply cannot beat the price. While PreGra ranks in the mid to premium quality range, it’s price is still very affordable at the low to mid range.

Take also into account the excellent customer service, member perks, installation guidance, and accessibility and you’ve got yourself one of the most affordable synthetic grass packs on the market.

Final Verdict 

PreGra is an all-American, highly interactive company with an excellent customer service record and quality product. PreGra’s mission has always been to put the client first and they stick to their simple motto every single day. Highly affordable and impressive, PreGra is an optimal option in synthetic turf.

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